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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Broadway NYC - Closing night curtain call 2005

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Broadway NYC - Closing night curtain call 2005

Despite the grueling hours, questionable film locations and rare moments of glamour, costuming is a career of creative problem solving and visual communications depicted through the character's appearance. One of the great attractions of working in costume vs. fashion is creating a character’s costume based on the unique elements of their personality and journey vs. the need to follow a seasonal fashion trend. Costume takes on its own personality by reflecting the people living (or acting) in it. 

After studying Fashion Design at the American College of London, Caitley returned to the US to finish a degree in Graphic Design from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore MD. After graduation, Caitley relocated to Los Angeles (New York City, San Francisco) to follow a successful 15-year career in costuming, dressing stars for film, television, the San Francisco and Bolshoi Ballet, numerous Broadway shows in NYC and projects directed/produced by Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg. 

Caitley has been a proud member of the wardrobe unions in NYC (Local 764), Los Angeles (Local 705) and permit worker in San Francisco (Local 784). She is now a member of Local 479 Atlanta, GA.

Caitley earned her L.A. union card and 'old school' costume house training through Costume Rental Corp and Warner Brother's Costume House in Burbank, CA. Both houses taught discipline, extensive knowledge of period costuming and costume care. Caitley has many years of on-set experience in film, episodic and sit-com TV, in addition to backstage experience in theatre on Broadway.  

2018 marks Caitley's transition back into show business after several years of studying and working as a textile designer. Though excited to return to set and the film making 'tribe,' it is her hope to bring past textile design skills and knowledge into the film industry for both set and costume departments. 

Currently, Caitley is working as head ager/dyer and textile artist on the 10th season of The Walking Dead.

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