‘Ager/dyers’ or ‘breakdown artist’s’ are essentially the art department of the costume world. They make the costumes reflect whatever action happens in the story or communicate aspects of a characters personality. This very specific, behind-the-scenes niche involves extensive knowledge of painting, colour theory, dying techniques, breaking down fiber, how to use tone for lighting purposes, creating embellishment on fabrics, sweat, blood, mud, bullet wounds and other wear, tear and abuse garments get in everyday life. It also requires a deeper understanding of how the actor, and character, will wear it and what application is key for the garment to tell its’ own, subtle but very important story.

As an ager/dyer, Caitley has gotten to return to her film industry roots while using her background in both graphic and textile design. Below are a few examples of what she’s been working on.

On Set: The Walking Dead - Last half of Season 9

In The Shop: The Walking Dead - Last half of Season 9